GALsync 5.1.4

Usability scenarios

* Company Splitted Active Directory model

Your company has one internal Active Directory and one separate Active Directory for company`s sales representatives. You want all user objects and groups of the sales reps AD to be visible to your internal Outlook/Exchange users (using the Global Address List). Vice versa: You want all sales reps have access to information of a subset of the internal users.

* Company take-over

Because of a company take-over you have to integrate different Active Directories and Exchange organizations. You have to share all or subsets of all user and group information for Outlook/Exchange users in the Global Address List.

*Company & Partners

Your company has a partner company and you want to share some user and group information for Outlook/Exchange users in the Global Address List.


Your company wants to migrate to a new Exchange organization. You have to ensure that all migrated users may send messages to users in the original organization and vice versa.

Features included

*Choose the objects you need

Select all objects or subsets of objects to export to the other AD.

While GAL Sync is used for Outlook/Exchange it will only consider mail-enabled objects.


Select objects in any of the domains in your forest to export. GAL Sync is cross-domain capable.

*Choose your Transmission Protocol

GALsync allows you an integrated handing-over of the selected information to the other Active Directory by using a Windows Share, by FTP or by SMTP.

*Secure Data Transmission

Data are transmitted encrypted between the different Active Directories. So no one can read your object`s details during the transmission from source to target.

Log files are created so you can track exactly what happened.

GALsync 5.1.4 by NETsec GmbH & Co. KG: Synchronize objects and Free/Busy data between multiple Exchange organizations