Archive Manager - Standard 3.421

Quite simply there really is no better, more reliable, more cost effective solution to congested NTFS shares or mapped network drives than Archive Manager. It hits straight at the source of the problem, allowing you to simply and effectively remove old and unused files from your network shares in a managed way. All archive Manager needs is the .NET framework version 4, SQL Express 2008 SP2 for the job scheduling engine and an empty share on your network somewhere. It is probably the fastest, most reliable, most cost effective solution to network file congestion there is. Recall shortcuts can even be left behind which users can click on to recall files back from your archive. When archived files have been in your archive for the length of time you set, they can be removed from your archive with the `graveyard` function and then backed up to other media one last time before being deleted permanently. All in all a brilliantly simple, and simply brilliant solution to file archiving.

Archive Manager comes in 3 versions, the first being a low cost `Express` version which supports 1 scheduled job (each job can archive content from multiple locations). There is also the `Standard` version that supports up to 5 scheduled jobs, and finally the unlimited `Datacenter` version. All the versions share the same high performance job engine and flexible features.

Archive Manager - Standard 3.421 by MLtek: Powerful Archiving solution for network file shares.

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