GrapeRDP 0.8

GrapeRDP is java RDP client to connect to another computer over a network connection. GrapeRDP works on Linux, Windows, Mac and other Java enabled systems.

Features of the terminal client:

- connecting to a terminal server;

- automatic login and password;

- support for different resolutions and color depths;

- support various code pages;

- type and layout keyboard;

- support alternate shell;

- support working directory;

- support redirect sound;

- support redirect clipboard;

- support redirect local/net printers to the server;

- support redirect smartcard;

- support redirect file system;

- support fullscreen

- support dynamic channels

- support audio input redirection (microphone)

GrapeRDP 0.8 by Grapecom Ltd.: GrapeRDP is java RDP client for Windows Terminal Services

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