EMLX to MBOX Converter 5.03

FireDaemon Technologies Releases FireDaemon Pro v3.10 Service Manager

FireDaemon Pro allows users to create and manage Windows Services for specialised high availability applications across the enterprise.

EMLX to MBOX Converter 5.03

PS Soft Lab Releases PS Hot Folders Enabling Windows OS users to access files and folders instantly.

PS Hot Folders is a smart and handy utility that should come with thestandard Windows configuration on all PCs. The program frees theusers from endless browsing though disks and folders when accessingOpen, Save As and Browse dialogs. Instead, PS Hot Folders lets usersjump directly to any disk or folder with one mouse click or bypressing a designated hotkey combination.This is how the program works. First, users select disks or foldersthey access ...

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