Archive Manager - Standard 3.421: Powerful Archiving solution for network file shares.

Archive Manager - Standard 3.421

Featuring rock solid reliability, blisteringly fast performance, NTFS file and folder permissions that are maintained from start to finish, and a whole host of other features, Archive Manager is the file archiving solution of choice for NTFS Shares. There is no better or more cost effective way to implement file archiving on your system. And unlike other solutions Archive Manager does not try to shoe-horn your files into a database.

file archiving, without database

Keystroke Logger Pro 1.7.11: Professional Keystroke Logger

Keystroke Logger Pro 1.7.11

Keystroke Logger Pro is an invisible keylogger for Windows systems that runs hidden in the background. Keystroke Logger Pro secretly records keystrokes, passwords, websites visited and also takes screenshots at set intervals just like a surveillance camera. More details:

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Azure DEX 1.3.16: Azure Data Expert allows one to analyze and manage Azure cloud storage data.

Azure DEX 1.3.16

Azure Data Expert is a software utility allowing one to analyze and manage data stored in the Microsoft Azure cloud storage. The product provides the ability to upload data, download data, analyze disk space usage, classify and categorize files, search files by the file type, file name, extension, size, last modification date, etc.

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Birdie EML to PDF Converter 7.2: EML to PDF Converter tool to Convert EML file to PDF instantly

Birdie EML to PDF Converter 7.2

We know users requirements, so the developers of Birdie Software developed the advanced edition of Birdie EML to PDF Converter to convert EML emails from EML-grouped email clients into PDF file extension like; Windows Live, Windows Mail, Apple Mail, OE Mail, etc. Our Convert EML to PDF tool retains all email items such as: To, Cc, Bcc, From, Sent & Received date, Attachments intact during the conversion process.

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Free PDF Utilities - PDF Splitter 1.0 04/07/16: extract PDF files easily and faster than comparable software

Free PDF Utilities - PDF Splitter 1.0 04/07/16

Are you tired of trying to extra pages from a PDF to use in other documents or presentations? Now you can use PDF Splitter and extract PDF files easily and faster than comparable software. PDF Splitter is easy to use and three times faster than other extraction software. What’s more, it’s free to use.

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GetFoldersize 3.1.0: Search for the hard drive that`s taking too much space and free up space

GetFoldersize 3.1.0

Find out how much disk space you need to reduce in your computer using GetFoldersize. This freeware tool is a reliable disk space analyzer that can help in your desire to search for the hard drive that`s taking too much space and free up space. With its fast scan algorithm, you can be sure to find the largest files and folders in your drives, delete them and clean up disk space. It shows you the accurate file size and the right directory paths.

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GetFoldersize (Portable Edition) 3.1.0: Determining the largest files and folders in your computer

GetFoldersize (Portable Edition) 3.1.0

Check which files and folders in your computer are consuming much space through the help of GetFoldersize. It has a fast scan algorithm that easily finds file and folder directory paths and shows you the large ones that eat up space so you can decide on removing unnecessary files. This free software also features accurate reporting of your disk space usage, shows you the file size and helps you clean up hard drives. Fast, reliable and efficient.

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