GALsync 5.1.4: Synchronize objects and Free/Busy data between multiple Exchange organizations

GALsync 5.1.4

Synchronize objects between multiple forests - Share information between Exchange organizations. NETsec`s GALsync allows you to share Exchange mail-enabled objects of your Active Directory forest with other forests and Exchange Online. Sharing objects helps users in one or both messaging organizations to access information about users and groups of the other Active Directory. Access to free/busy data between untrusted forests is also provided.

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SMTP Preprocessor 1.11: Processes e-mail messages before corporate SMTP server.

SMTP Preprocessor 1.11

SMTP Preprocessor is advanced tool for mail administrators. It receives SMTP messages before corporate SMTP server, changes or rejects them on-the-fly, and retransmits result to the server. Wide range of settings allows to improve security and functionality of corporate SMTP server. The program keeps adjustable detailed log of all SMTP events, supports Greylisting, Tarpitting and some other technologies of mail filtering.

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CapeSoft Email Server 4.2.0: Email Server with free upgrades and unlimited users. Business or home.

CapeSoft Email Server 4.2.0

Email Server with free upgrades and unlimited users. For small or medium businesses and home environments. Is easy to use and provides you with full control over email domains, mailboxes and aliases. Unlimited users so you don`t have to pay again as your company grows or your needs increase. Runs on Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT / XP / 2003.

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SnugServer Email Server plus FTP, Web, News & List Server with Anti-Spam/Virus & Encryption


SnugServer is an Email Server, Web Server, FTP Server, NewsServer and ListServer. It`s your all-in-one solution to managing your Internet Presence. Send/receive emails through your own server, host your own website(s) and so much more. SnugServer comes with the very latest Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus and SSL/TLS/S/MIME Encryption technology built-in. Some Anti-Spam methods include Bayesian, Black/White List, Regular Expressions & Spam IP Filtering.

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Winmail Mail Server 5.5: professional and easy-use mail server, supporting SMTP,POP3,WebMail,Anti-Virus

Winmail Mail Server 5.5

Winmail Server is an enterprise class mail server software system offering a robust feature set, including extensive security measures. Winmail Server supports SMTP, POP3, IMAP, Webmail, LDAP, multiple domains, SMTP authentication, spam protection, anti-virus protection, SSL/TLS security, Network Storage, remote access, Web-based administration, and a wide array of standard email options such as filtering, signatures, real-time monitoring

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PackPal Bulk Email Server  3.1: PackPal Bulk Email Server is a safe and fast bulk email sender.

PackPal Bulk Email Server 3.1

PackPal Bulk Email Server is a safe and fast bulk email sender. If you are responsible for sending bulk mails, do not worry. PackPal Email Server can deliver email messages at blazing speeds. It is easy to install and easy to administer. PackPal Bulk Email Server can run as a background service. You can feel free to minimize it into an icon in system tray. Extremely little system memory will be occupied. It can work with most mail clients , in

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MailEnable Enterprise Edition 8.54: A powerful, robust email server for Microsoft Windows 2003/2008/2013

MailEnable Enterprise Edition 8.54

MailEnable Enterprise Edition is designed for organisations or ISP`s dealing with high volumes of mail, requiring greater control and flexibility over mail services. Enterprise Edition incorporates web mail, web administration, remote administration, database connectivity, clustering, HTTPMail, IMAP4, Personal calendars, advanced message Filtering, inbuilt anti-spam including Bayesian Filtering and anti-virus support.

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