SRS1 Software, LLC Releases Digital Photo Finalizer 2.51

Digital Photo Finalizer Lite Edition 2.51 by SRS1 Software, LLC


SRS1 Software, LLC Releases Digital Photo Finalizer 2.51

Software automatically improves digital photo colors and makes skin tones look just right

Newton, MA, February 10, 2016 -- SRS1 Software, LLC announces the availability of Digital Photo Finalizer 2.50 Lite and Pro Edition software for Windows. Both editions analyze digital photos and automatically improve the way that they look. The Lite Edition is free. The Pro Edition includes additional features and comes with a fully functional 30 day free trial.

Digital photos are not perfect. Point-and-shoot digital cameras can sacrifice image quality for the sake of convenience (camera size, etc.). Camera phones are even more convenient, but sacrifice image quality even more. Furthermore, most digital photos are taken by non-professionals, in non-ideal conditions. The end result is that most casual users` photos are far from perfect. Post processing digital images with software can help, but most software for improving digital photos can be difficult to use, time consuming and expensive.

The Lite Edition of Digital Photo Finalizer is free software that helps solve these problems. It analyzes and then automatically adjusts photos to make them look their best. The original and final images are displayed side-by-side, so it is easy to judge the changes being made by the software. The newest version of Digital Photo Finalizer Lite also includes a feature that salvages image details from the dark or light regions of poorly exposed photos. Beyond that, the Lite edition also lets users improve photo composition (centering the subject, zooming in, etc.) via the software`s flexible image cropping features.

The Pro Edition of Digital Photo Finalizer can improve your photos even more. Digital cameras often do not produce perfect skin tones. Skin tones are usually the most critical colors in a photo. If these colors are off by even a little bit, then the whole photo can look bad. The Pro Edition fixes this with its "Skin Tone Finalizer" feature. The user clicks on a skin tone in an image, and the skin tone is made to look perfect. The user controls exactly how the skin tone should look. They can even give a person a sun tan. The Pro Edition also includes other features such as resize, interactive sharpening, and more.

Digital Photo Finalizer Pro additional also include batch processing functionality. It is available for Download from The Lite and Pro Editions are the same download. The Pro Edition features are enabled for a fully functional 30 day trial period. The Lite Edition features are always enabled and are free forever.

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