New IP Traffic Monitor lets you capture and view the content of TCP/IP packets for any selected connection on your local machine and visualize all connections statistics as a pie chart

IP Traffic Monitor 3.3 by Skyward Software

For immediate release

February 14, 2011

Contact: John Douglas

Company: Skyward Software

Title: Programmer


Make Bandwidth Usage on Your Local Machine Transparent!

New IP Traffic Monitor lets you capture and view the content of TCP/IP packets for any selected connection on your local machine and visualize all connections statistics as a pie chart

Skyward Software, today announces the release of version 3.3 of TCP/IP Traffic Monitor. This is a real-time TCP/IP monitor that tracks and analyzes all network connections on the local machine and provides you with the detailed information on each connection, including traffic direction and traffic volume in both directions. This information can help you detect spyware, adware, viruses and other suspicious activities before they compromise your system’s security.

What’s new in IP Traffic Monitor 3.3?

“With viruses and spyware causing havoc in homes and offices on a daily basis, there is a need for a simple, yet reliable tool to control bandwidth consumption on a local machine. IP Traffic Monitor delivers this competitive edge,” says John Douglas, CEO of Skyward Software. “In version 3.3 we have introduced two additional features – Traffic Spy and Traffic Bar. As a real-time sniffer, Traffic Spy captures the data stream in real time, decodes packets and shows their content for any selected connection or all connections simultaneously. You can also filter packets by their content so that only packets that contain specified text are captured. Traffic Bar is another useful novelty. Instead of struggling through the digits, this feature lets you visualize connections statistics as a pie to easily estimate bandwidth distribution over hosts.”

IP Traffic Monitor at a glance

IP Traffic Monitor has a simplistic interface, which shows the list of all currently available connections between your machine and a remote host. Statistics is updated in real time, so changes are immediately displayed. Information on each connection is detailed and includes remote IP: port, remote host, downloaded and uploaded bytes, local source (PID): port (process name, process identifier, and local port number), first activity and last activity time, and a full path to an executable file. For your convenience, IP Traffic Monitor lets you sort connections by any column, copy interesting statistics to clipboard and save it to a log file that can be analyzed in the built-in log viewer at any convenient time in the future. The program supports Proxy servers and works with ADSL, ISDN, Dial-Up, cable modem, and Ethernet cards.

Pricing and Availability

IP Traffic Monitor runs under Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/Seven and costs $39.95 (USD) for a single-user license. Licensed customers are entitled to the unlocked version of the program, free upgrades, and priority technical support. Additional information on IP Traffic Monitor, as well as its functionally limited evaluation version is available from

About Skyward Software

Skyward Software is a privately-held technology company that specializes in network utilities for personal and business use. The company was founded in 2004 by software engineer John Douglas. Among Skyward’s products there is NetSearcher, a file search tool; FtpSearcher, an FTP search tool; SessionsMonitor; a tool for shared folders monitoring, and YourFolder, a backup and synchronize tool. For more information, visit

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