Image Watermarker, the #1 photo watermarker

Image Watermarker by PCWinSoft Software

Image Watermarker is a tool designed to protect visual content by stamping images and text over photos in order to protect the content from being freely distributed without traces of origin.

The program comes with a full library of images ready to stamp and the user can also browse and use images from his PC or from the Internet.

Unlike other photo watermarkers Image Watermarker resizes and repositions the image stamps in a way that it marks the photos equally independently of the photo dimensions, something that is only logic but can`t be found on the market. Image Watermarker came to fill in this existing hole.

Image Watermarker also stamps text over photos. The text stamps can have any size and use any font installed on the system. The user chooses from a list which shows the font and how it is drawn so the user can know upfront what font he really wants to use to watermark his photos.

Once again for text stamps Image Watermarker repositions and resizes text stamps in a way it looks alike for every photo no matter the dimensions of the photo.

Image Watermarker is designed to work with a large number of images and it is fast, easy to use, and with no learning curve at all. It is intuitive, practical and efficient.

Image Watermarker is the perfect tool for protecting your photos and it can handle large batches of photos. Image Watermarker is the photo watermarking tool you can trust to get the job done.

Image Watermarker can be downloaded from: The user is free to use the program for 60 days and the program comes with a progressive discount algorithm that allows the user to buy the product with 50% discount on the first 3 days of use so the user has the time to verify the program usefulness and make a discounted purchase.

Image Watermarker is another program from the company PCWinSoft Software, author of well established programs in the market such as 1AVCenter, ScreenCamera, and SuperLauncher. For support you can contact directly and your questions will be answered.