Elite Property manager an easy to use property management software for landlords.

Elite Property Manager Desktop Access by Management-Ware Solutions

Elite Property manager software: Increase efficiency, improve collections and enhance the quality of service.

Montreal, Quebec -November 23, 2015 - Management-Ware Solutions Inc. is a Canadian based company working in the high technology field. Management-Ware Solutions is proud to launch its new product to manage properties - "Elite Property manager". Elite Property Manager is a turn-key property management solution designed and built specifically to help today`s landlords, condo managers, property managers and Real Estate professionals. The app was developed with input from property managers, property owners, landlords and office managers. This property management system can be easily purchased and downloaded from www.elitepropertymanager.com

“At Management-Ware Solutions, we have the property management software you need to successfully manage all your properties (condominiums and units). This property management app will save you time, effort, and most importantly, money. We believe we`ve created easy, cost effective property management software that anyone can afford! Key functionality of Elite Property Manager includes accounting, portals for owners and tenants, send bulk notices and letters, recurring Payments, maintenance, contact management, reminders, and other crucial property management tasks.” said Fedner Cleus, vice president at Management-Ware Solutions.

Key features of Elite Property manager include:

- Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payment. The pre-authorized direct debit Payment processing solutions provide fast, reliable debit transactions.

- Document Manager a versatile module. Use it to give access to any type of information (reports, letters, notices, etc.).

- Built-in tool to create and track tickets. Each ticket can be linked directly to a tenant, a manager, unit, or a property.

- Co-owner Manager/Administrators can send emails to one or several users at the same time.

- Users (tenants and/or co-owners) can send messages between them. The user must agree to receive messages from other users.

- Manage recurring invoices (rent, HOA fees/ condo fees, etc.).

- Manage the amenities to Inspect.

- Separate login for each user (Tenant, owner, property managers)

The application is available in two packages: Free package and Standard package. The price depends on the number of doors you manage. To read more on the differences among packages, visit the company`s website at www.elitepropertymanager.com

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Founded in April of 2003 and headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Management-Ware Solutions is a privately held software firm. The company develops management and marketing software. For more information about Management-Ware Solutions, visit the company`s website at www.management-ware.com.