Enhance Your Applications with Vista Stock Icons

Vista Stock Icons 1.1 by Lokas Software

These days, the look and feel of visual user interfaces are more important than ever and should be considered an essential part of any software. With stock icons, you can enhance the appearance and usability of your programs, websites or other publications. However, hiring an icon artist can be expensive and is normally something that only the large IT companies can generally afford to do. Getting a freelancer to design icons for you, while often much cheaper than a company, can be a risky business since you never know what to expect with regards to quality and consistency. This is why purchasing collections of stock icons can be highly preferable, since you can get the professional results you need quickly without having to worry about high prices or substandard quality.

Vista Stock Icons is one such solution, which comprises various categorized collections of top quality icons. With the Windows Vista / 7 look, you can be sure that they will integrate seamlessly with any modern application or website. There are many different images available and you can also purchase icons individually if you do not need an entire set. There are also vector versions available which you can blow up to any size without having to worry about a decrease in quality. The available icons are all offered in a choice of different formats and they come in many different resolutions and color depths for maximum versatility. The alpha channel is also used for transparency and the icons are also anti-aliased for maximum quality and no jagged edges. To find out more, visit http://www.awicons.com/stock-icons/ .