Efficient Lady`s Organizer Network 3.81: The New Standard for Business Time Management Software

Portable Efficient Lady`s Organizer by Efficient Software

Efficient Software is a software library for time & task management programs. And Efficient Lady`s Organizer Network, specially designed for small work groups, is one of the best task managers from Efficient Software.

Paul Zhang is the CEO of Efficient software, and he says, "If we want to stand out in such competitive society, we should pay 200% efforts. As a consequence, helping users develop work efficiency is the original purpose of designing this program." Actually, Efficient Lady`s Organizer Network could not only help users manage tasks, but also synchronize data among different users. Put another way, all members in one organization could share a same copy of data, assign task to others, and track process of tasks with Efficient Lady`s Organizer Network.

"To make our software more perfect is the long-term mission of Efficient Software", says Paul. The technique team of Efficient Software has made some improvements and fixed many bugs in this upgrade. For example, added languages to Efficient Organizer Server (Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional), it becomes much easier for network edition to backup database file (just click Backup on File menu) and it will remind users whether other users could connect to server via Internet or not automatically and so forth.

"Maybe people will think it is hard to use such programs", says Paul, "But actually it is really not a hard thing to use. In the first place, the layout is similar to Outlook which is very easy to use. Secondly, if needed, people could visit our official website to solve their problems, because there are tips, video guides, user guides and FAQs provided. Last but never the least, people could email or take a call to our support team, and all questions will be answered in a very short time."

About Efficient Software

Efficient Software, a website with a very long history, provides dozens of personal information managers for both individual and company uses. In another word, all products have two versions in total: one is pro, another is network. For example, EfficientPIM is designed for individual users to manage time, address book, tasks, favorite URLs, journal and so on. While EfficientPIM Network is suitable for small to medium work groups to share the data files, work together and finally grow their business.

Besides, Efficient Software will release Android and iOS version products soon.

Official Website: http://www.efficientsoftware.net/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/efficientsw

Google+: https://plus.google.com/+EfficientsoftwareNet