Efficient Software Released Efficient Password Manager 3.81 Just Now!

Efficient Password Manager Pro by Efficient Software

The major function of Efficient Password Manager Network is to help small to medium groups and individual users work together to share just one copy of data.

Efficient Software makes great improvements in this upgrade, just as Paul Zhang (the owner of this site) says, "We upgrade our products for two reasons in most cases. Of course the first one is to make the programs much more easy-to-use so that users could get started just in seconds. Then, we hope our products could keep pace with times." In this upgrade, Efficient Software added some new functions. For instance 1. Users are able to customize the fonts of Calendar view according to their specific needs. 2. Reminder sound can be .mp3 files in the latest versions of Efficient Software products. 3. Just one click to connect to server, and there is no need for network users to set Router or other things any more.

Efficient Password Manager Network has equipped with all functions the pro version has, such as time planning, task management and note taking. Plus, with Efficient Password Manager Network, different users in one office could share their information and work together. Moreover, authorized users are able to assign tasks or add new entries to other users directly.

"Our team is also the users of Efficient Password Manager Network" says Paul, "In the first place, since it is not worthwhile to spend too much time in dealing with trifles, I developed this software to improve our work efficiency. And now, I want Efficient Password Manager Network help more small to medium work groups work with higher efficiency, and finally grow business."

Apart from that, users could learn to use Efficient Password Manager Network based on the user guides and video guides. Paul says, "Besides tutorials, FAQs, online help, video guides, users could send emails or take phones to our support team so that their problem can be solved quickly."

About Efficient Software

Efficient Software, which has been developed by Paul Zhang at 2005, offers several organizer software tools on the internet. And the goal of this website is to offer people a much more convenient life by its systems. For instance, the programs of Efficient Software could help users manage emails accounts, time, journal, contacts, notes and so on, and its flagship organizer software is EfficientPIM. What`s more, there are some other products, such as Efficient Calendar, Efficient Password Manager and Efficient Man`s Organizer and so on. And those programs obtain very highly ranking by software suggestion websites, such as SnapFiles, Soft32 and CNET.

Besides, Efficient Software will release Android and iOS version products soon.

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