Efficient Password Manager 3.81 Released -- Free Downlodable Pim for SMEs!

Efficient Password Manager Network by Efficient Software

The biggest function of Efficient Password Manager Network is to help small to medium work groups and individual users work together to share just one copy of data.

Paul Zhang, the owner of Efficient Software, says, "There are two major reasons to upgrade our products. To begin with, we hope all of our users could get started just in seconds, so, we need to make them much easier to use. In the second place, all the programs need to update with times." In this upgrade, Efficient Software added many new features. For instance 1. Users could change the fonts of Calendar view. 2. Users are able to add .mp3 audios as their reminder sounds. 3. Network user could connect to server just in one step, that is to say, they will never do other settings like always.

Efficient Password Manager Network has equipped with all functions the pro version has, such as time planning, note taking and task management. Besides, different users in one office could work together with Efficient Password Manager Network. Moreover, it is available for users to assign tasks or add new entries to other users directly in this program.

"Our team is also the users of Efficient Password Manager Network" says Paul, "In the first place, I don`t want to spend too much time in dealing with file sending, task assigning, task tracking, etc., as a result, I developed Efficient Password Manager Network. And now, I want Efficient Password Manager Network help more business groups work with higher efficiency, and finally increase business."

Apart from that, if people don`t know how to use Efficient Password Manager Network, they can refer to user guides or FAQs online. Paul says, "We have provided online help, video guides, tutorials, FAQs for users on our official sites so that users could know how to get started easily. Besides, they can send emails or take phones to our support, and we will reply them within 24 hours."

About Efficient Software

Efficient Software is the first website that designed by Chongqing Yifei Technology in 2005. This website catches most insiders and users` attention from birth as its products work very well in personal information management and time management. Generally speaking, people may uses the programs of Efficient Software to organize to-do lists, emails accounts, diaries, meetings, address book and so on. Beyond that, there is also a network edition for each productof Efficient Software that is especially designed for small business groups to share data, assign tasks and work together.

Here goes a piece of good news: the technique team of Efficient Software is developing Android and iOS versions to meet more users` needs. And they can accomplish this task about 2 months.