Efficient Man`s Organizer 3.81 Build 383 Released - One of the Most Famous Personal Organizer Tool

Efficient Man`s Organizer by Efficient Software

Efficient Software provides several time and personal information management software programs in the market, and Efficient Man`s Organizer is one of them. In general, Efficient Man`s Organizer could help users manage task, time, notes and other personal information. At the same time, small companies could use Efficient Man`s Organizer Network to assign tasks, share notes, synchronize data, track task progress and so on.

There are a lot of improvements that have been made by Efficient Software in this upgrade. Like network users could backup their database files automatically or manually in a much easier way, solved the problem that users may exit Efficient Organizer Server by mistakes and Nat Mapping of Efficient Organizer Server will not be deleted under any circumstances and so on. More than that, several bugs have been fixed by Efficient Software in this upgrade, like users can`t open broken files sometimes. At last, Efficient Man`s Organizer has added a new language - Slovak this time.

Efficient Man`s Organizer is designed by Paul Zhang who is a professional engineer of Efficient Software, and he says, "This program is designed for helping people improve work efficiency. In general, time and task management will be much easier for most people if they work with Efficient Man`s Organizer. In the first place, empty their brain and make a task list ahead of time. Afterwards, their brain could work freely without thinking about any trivial matters any longer. In the next place, it is very easy for users to track the progress of their tasks. Besides, once they complete one, they can cross it out from the task list."

"Certainly, all information in this software is very safe" says Paul, "On one hand, people could set passwords to protect their file. Hence, no one could access their privacy without permission. On the other hand, there is a recycle bin provided in this software. People could recover their data which has been deleted by mistake directly."

About Efficient Software

Efficient Software has a large quantity of users all around the word because its products are suitable for both individual users and small to medium businesses. Put another way, the pro and network versions of all programs are both available on Efficient Software. For example, EfficientPIM, the flagship product of Efficient Software, aims to help individual users build a much more organized life. While EfficientPIM Network is suitable for small to medium work groups to share the data files, work together and lastly increase their productivity.

BTW: Android version and iOS version is going to be released soon.

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