DragonSoft Introduces First Custom-Made IIS 7 Web Application Firewall

DragonWAF IIS7 Demo Version by DragonSoft Security Associates, Inc.

(2010/08/06) The advancement of Microsoft products brings another market demand for Windows Server 2008 upgrades in public and corporate sectors. DragonSoft launches the first custom-made web application firewall, DragonWAF for IIS 7, for the benefit of consumers in cutting edge web security market.

As Microsoft announced the selling and service termination date for Windows 2000 and Windows 2003, a lot of government units and corporate will upgrade their system or allocate budget to replace existing equipments, this results in increase of IIS 7 web server market share built in the Windows 2008 servers.

In contrast to the heat of great market demand, the WAF IIS 7 related products are scarce, let alone the custom-made IIS 7 WAF. DragonSoft sees the gap and introduces DragonWAF for IIS 7, it is the first of its kind for IIS 7 web security firewall products.

DragonSoft has deep plowing on WAF products, the DragonWAF supports IIS 5, IIS 6 and IIS 7 web servers, there will be Apache version coming soon in 2 months. The offering is the most effective and efficient for business websites to strengthen their web security level, minimize risk and penalty posed from the breach of upcoming Personal Privacy Act.

The performance enhanced DragonWAF for IIS 7 offers greater algorithm against incoming HTTP requests, improved overall efficiency to combat against malicious attacks and defacements. On the program side, users are able to set filters and warning message, making easier and more secured management. The procurement cost falls within reasonable business security budget range.

DragonWAF blocks following web application attack types:

1. SQL Injection

2. Server-Side Include

3. Directory Indexing

4. Path Traversal

5. Cross-Site Scripting

6. Buffer Overflow

7. LDAP Injection

8. Phishing

9. HTTP Response Splitting

10. Content Spoofing

11. Predictable Resource Location

12. Denial of Service

13. Application Fingerprinting

14. Insufficient Session Expiration

15. Session Fixation

16. Web Server Fingerprinting

17. Abuse of Functionality

18. Command Injection

DragonWAF IIS 7 offers three versions by different number of protecting websites: Basic, Advanced and Enterprise. For more information, please visit DragonSoft website: www.dragonsoft.com

Press Contact:

Ivan Chen +886-2501-0118 #142

Email: dragonwaf_en@dragonsoft.com