Flash Video Downloader 2.1 has been released!

Flash FLV Video Downloader 3.0 by BinaryMark

FLV Video Downloader automatically detects when you begin to watch new video in your browser, and begins saving it immediately, at the same time asking you whether or not you want to save this video. If you do, you just click Save, and if you don`t, you click Cancel, and the program will stop downloading it. That`s it! You don`t have to look for URLs and paste them somewhere, like you do with other downloaders; simply watch and save simultaneously!

Videos are saved as you watch them (in fact, you don`t even have to watch them per se - all you really need to do is load a page with video on it). This is especially useful for older dial-up connections, or for videos that are slow to download.

As long as you can watch a particular video in your browser, you can save it with FLV Video Downloader! Thus, the program supports Internet Explorer 6-8, Firefox 1-3, Opera 7-9, Safari, Netscape, Google Chrome, and others!

The program silently runs in the background, monitoring incoming Internet traffic for flash videos. Yet it is easily accessible from system tray in the lower-right corner of your screen should you need to see the main window.

The problem with url-based downloaders is that they simply do not work for password-protected videos and websites! Only FLV Video Downloader can save such protected videos. Even more so, it can save streaming videos, or videos whose links expire too quickly! Remember, as long as you can watch a video in your browser, then FLV Video Downloader can save it for you!

What`s really nice about this product is that it requires only very few system resources. In fact it requires so few, you won`t even notice it`s actually running!

You can easily save videos in avi format, provided you have the right codecs installed, so you can watch them on various portable devices, like iPods, smart phones, media players, etc.

In great majority of cases, as long as the website offers videos in flash video format, you can save it with FLV Video Downloader!