QuickWho 3.3.0: QuickWho provides a rich array of information about specific Internet domains th

QuickWho 3.3.0

QuickWho provides a rich array of information about specific Internet domains that surpasses other command-line, GUI or web-based "whois" tools. Are you curious about who owns a particular domain name? Do you want to contact them, or gather more information about them? QuickWho can help you with these tasks.

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IntelliWebSearch IntelliWebSearch is designed to save translators time when searching the web.


IntelliWebSearch is designed to save translators, interpreters, editors and terminologists time when searching the web. Pressing a convenient shortcut key copies selected text from your translation environment, opens your browser and sends the copied text to any number of search engines, on-line dictionaries or on-line encyclopaedias together with other customizable instructions.

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Email Extractor 5.0: email-extractor.org extract all the emails from various source.

Email Extractor 5.0

email-extractor.org is an advanced application designed to extract email addresses from any source. It can extract all the emails from various source, e.g. search engine(google, bing, yahoo...), specific websites, and local files.This software possesses all essential features of extraction software: it`s extremely fast, easy in usage, and feature-rich.

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Social Interest Freak 2.0: Social Interest Freak get a laser targeted audience from facebook.

Social Interest Freak 2.0

Lots of people do the facebook custom audience by upload UIDs or Emails, they usually using some softwares to extract the UIDs and Emails(like user@facebook.com) from facebook pages or groups. But now, facebook has stops this behavior. So, please forget it now, it has past. Now, We have launched a new software called Social Interest Freak. It`s the latest software for facebook custom audiences so far.

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mnoGoSearch 3.4.1

MnoGoSearch for is a search engine designed to organize search within a website, number of websites, intranet or local system. To search through documents you have to index them first using the indexer component of mnoGoSearch. Indexer is a spider that reads the documents you specify and stores information about words it finds in tables in a SQL or built-in database.

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GSA Clip Spider 2.73: Download all the movie clips from a webserver automatically.

GSA Clip Spider 2.73

With this program you can download all the movie clips from a webserver automatically (with or without sublinks). It`s very easy to use and gives you amazing results within seconds. This download manager for movies searches all your favorit web links, spiders, parses, grabs, extracts and crawls all the movies you would have downloaded by hand.

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GSA Address Completion 1.65: Fill the holes and complete address data sets with email, phone and fax numbers.

GSA Address Completion 1.65

This software helps you to fill the holes of your address data sets. Sometimes you miss emails, phone or fax numbers. Now you can get them all filled by GSA Address Completion software. Even a homepage can be delivered. The results are very accurate and in case of multiple results you can either let the software decide what to use or you can choose from the found results by hand. Don`t waste your time on manual research anymore.

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