Flower Frames 1.00: Flower frames - widget photo frame.

Flower Frames 1.00

Flower frames - widget photo frame. New widget - from photofuneditor.com New photo frames with flowers on your desktop. Photo of a loved one, decorated with roses, tulips, daisies. Drag the widget on your desktop to any place. Make the basic settings - zoom, the selection frame, add text. The program will be automatically loaded with the operating system. Widget - flower frames - you will add warmth and comfort in your workplace.

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Bloom Image Editor 1.0: Fast, light-weight, cross-platform procedural graphics editor.

Bloom Image Editor 1.0

Bloom is a fast, light-weight, cross-platform procedural graphics editor that lets you tweak any action you have ever performed - organized by layer. Bloom is the first editor to allow true non-destructive editing. Every filter, effect, brush stroke or vector edit you apply is stored separately, and nothing is baked in. This allows you to come back to anything you`ve done in the past and adjust it - without redoing all of the subsequent work.

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Photofunia Frames 1.00: PhotoFunia frames - desktop widget.

Photofunia Frames 1.00

PhotoFunia frames - desktop widget. Photo effects on the desktop. Now, picture frames a higher resolution. Put a photo of a loved one on the computer screen. Now you do not need a wooden frame around the monitor. Now you have a picture of a loved one in the photo frame on the desktop. Select a photo frame category PhotoFunia. Adjust the zoom widget. Add text. You can drag your widget anywhere on the desktop.

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Simple Photo Editor 1.2: Simple Photo Editor cleans photos from unwanted objects and makes photo perfect.

Simple Photo Editor 1.2

Simple Photo Editor is developed for easy photo improvements. Its primary function is cleaning photos from unwanted objects. The program will replace the selected area on the forefront by a restored background fragment. This results in perfectly clean photo images without unwanted defects. Simple Photo Editor allows quick optimization of various color settings, sharpness and size of the photo.

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AlphaPlugins LaunchBox 1.1: The tool for launching Photoshop plug-ins in Lightroom, Aperture, iPhoto and etc

AlphaPlugins LaunchBox 1.1

AlphaPlugins LaunchBox is a unique tool that lets you launch Photoshop 3th party plug-ins from different picture editors like Lightroom, Aperture, iPhoto and etc. This means you can process your photos and images in Lightroom and easily apply your favorite Photoshop filters—without even switching into Photoshop. In fact, you don`t even need Photoshop installed on your computer. AlphaPlugins LaunchBox fully integrates with most popular picture edi

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Fast DWG DXF Converter 1.0: Convert between AutoCAD DWG, DXF file formats without the need of AutoCAD.

Fast DWG DXF Converter 1.0

Fast DWG DXF Converter is a software to convert between AutoCAD DWG, DXF file formats without the need of AutoCAD. Key features: + Convert from DWG to DXF, DWG; + Convert from DXF to DWG, DXF; + Support AutoCAD version R9, R10, R12, R13, R14 and from 2000 to 2016; + Stand-alone utility - AutoCAD IS NOT required; + Ultra fast conversion using all CPU cores!

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Happy Photo Viewer 1.0: A photo player with 256 transition effects and your preferred background music.

Happy Photo Viewer 1.0

View your photos on screen with the information when and where the photos were taken. Simply point to the folder of the photos, and enjoy a dynamic slideshow with 256 transition effects, which can be random, fixed, or sequential. It`s up to you to decide how fast your photos are displayed in the slideshow, and how your photos are fit to screen. You can create your customized playlist to play only your preferred songs as the background music.

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