LogicampViewerInstaller 2.0: Viewer OpenSim for logicamp Grid - Create your avatar on http://logicamp.org

LogicampViewerInstaller 2.0

Logicamp Viewer allow to connect to the Logicamp Grid. The Logicamp Grid is an on-line virtual world based on OpenSimulator software (Open Sourece Version of secondLife). The logicamp Viewer is based on the latest singularity Viewer Source Code. - Create your avatar on http://logicamp.org

opensim, monde virtuel, hypergrid, virtual world

Hall Maze Game 1.1.1: Hall Maze Game

Hall Maze Game 1.1.1

Play Hall Maze Game online for free. It is puzzle horrible adventures game and you must move the tiny object on the screen without touching any of the walls. This game creates hall maps and has many options. We hope you will enjoy this free online Hall Maze Game.

online game, hall maze, free play

Online Building Image Puzzle Game 1.1.1: Online Building Image Puzzle Game

Online Building Image Puzzle Game 1.1.1

You can choose 5 different styles of architecture picture in this picture puzzle game. When you click on the Another Photo button, it will show you a new image on the screen. You must swap and arrange the square tiles to complete the scene. You need to swap them in a way it form the correct image. The number of steps taken to drag and drop the image parts will be counted.

building image, puzzle game, online

Super Mario Game 1.1.1: Super Mario Game

Super Mario Game 1.1.1

Mario Games is number one online free games. Super Mario Games are famous fun games with Mario as their Super Hero playing all the classic and new games. Mario is everyone`s favourite plumber and an all time classic video game. It will certainly remind you of your childhood gaming experience.

online game, free play, super mario

Catch Crazy Cat Game 1.1: Catch Crazy Cat Game

Catch Crazy Cat Game 1.1

You need to use the minimum number of steps will nerve cat around, parody and puzzle! Don`t stop! Come and challenge! First of all, this game is very simple, is to the middle of the cat around, don`t let the cat from the next run. You need a ring of the cat around, this time you`ll find out a cat pose changed.

cat game, catch crazy

Cute Gobang Game 1.1: Cute Gobang Game

Cute Gobang Game 1.1

Cute Gobang Game is a human-computer version of games. You can choose the player or the computer first and the computer is extremely intelligent. Place five pieces in a row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally to win!

game, gobang, cute

Smart Jumper Game 1.1: Smart Jumper Game

Smart Jumper Game 1.1

Smart jumper game is a free online flash action game for kids. Kids can learn, play and socialize in this safe and secure environment filled with fun. Press "X"/click/tap to Jump when signal is green When you are falling press "X"/click/tap again to open parachute. Now enjoy in your free time by playing Smart Jumper Game online and many more our best action based online games.

free, jumper game, online

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