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Boost 2 2.3.1

ScreenShot of Boost 2 2.3.1 by Jonathan Lanis A huge thank you to everyone for your continued support! The major update to the original version of the game has arrived. Boost 2 features: ➤ Three brand new game modes, including online multiplayer ➤ A completely redesigned interface and HUD ➤ Game Center and OpenFeint with online leaderboards and achievements ➤ Retina and iPad support ➤ Many other bug fixes and optimizations Thank you everyone for your continued support and feedback. Your encouragement and excitement for this game has been overwhelming, to say the least. I love reading your comments, and continue to look forward to hearing your feedback! Boost was featured as one of the best games of 2009 by Apple, and has even been featured in their iPod Touch commercial! "...among the iPhone tunnel games, Boost is king&...
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the Bright 1.0.9

ScreenShot of the Bright 1.0.9 by beltheva Here is shrouded in darkness There are many rooms floor lamp panel If can not put the light on all that, can not get away from here [Rule] 1. If you can turn on a light in every room, you can get away from here. 2. The floor of each room, there are several light panels. 3. At the top, which shows how many times you can touch this. All you need to turn on the light within this number. 4. Touch the light panel, which acts as follows. If the lights are off, the lights will be lit. If the lights are lit, the lights will be off. 5. Behaves the off or lit, it's not only the light panels that is touched. Top bottom and left right light panels behaves same. the Bright is a puzzle game. Simple rules, anyone can. But every time the level rises, the game is difficult. It is simple. Thoroughly understand...
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Anime Trap 1.0.4

ScreenShot of Anime Trap 1.0.4 by The Doppler FX Anime Trap was based on the original game JezzBall, yes the arcade game lot's of us enjoyed when we were kids but with a fun anime theme and more user friendly. You will get 24 fun levels to play with, and another twelve stages with great level tone pictures. We have seen lots of other applications based on Jezzbal, never the less we thought most of them luck of heart just basic functionality. Well we tried to give Anime Trap something a little bit different, not only giving you the gameplay of JezzBall but also animations, score you may share if you like, a gallery of the wining stages and more. I hope you enjoy it! Gameplay: In Anime Trap you will have eat literally the screen (the play area), over 75% of it using a nice fellow we named "Payero". But you will not be alone, there...
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PipeRoll 2 Ages 1.71

ScreenShot of PipeRoll 2 Ages 1.71 by Navigation-Info Kft. The second part of the game PipeRoll, which reached Nr. 1 in many countries, has finally been released to confront you with new challenges in a funny environment. (IMPORTANT: PipeRoll 2 Ages will only run on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod Touch 3 (16 GB and above), iPod Touch 4 or iPod Touch 5. ) Rotate and connect the pipes to form a closed system on this special trip through different historical ages. Provide dinos and spas with water, magicians with magic liquid, transfer gold from mines to railways, finally be an agent for the alcohol smugglers in the America of the ‘20s. We have hidden some gags on the levels, discover them! :) - 8 different ages: stone age, ancient ages, middle ages,the golden age of the Western, USA of the ‘20s, Oil, New York, Space - ...
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Gem Lines 2

ScreenShot of Gem Lines 2 by EP Mobile Gem Lines 2 offers you two colourful themes and two sets of diamonds in just one game. Swap beautiful jewels to make horizontal or vertical lines. You can submit your new scores to the global leaderboards and filter the scores per play mode and change the score list (global, regional, last 24h). Enjoy four play modes, beautiful graphics and lovely music! Now with Gem Lines 2 you can collect stars, speed bonus and earn 25 achievements!
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Tin Shot 1.1.1

ScreenShot of Tin Shot 1.1.1 by Internet Orange Limited Warning: Tin Shot is **very** addictive game! Gameplay: It is CanKnockDown game where you throw balls in tins and targets Recent changes: We added a new game "Targets". Shoot in flying targets.
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ScreenShot of Barnstormer by Aardman Digital Barnstormer features the one and only much-loved Aardman character Shaun the Sheep! It's shear madness down on the farm in this fast and frenzied dash across the barnyard! Help Shaun to sprint through each race as quickly as possible, unlocking levels as you go, but be careful to avoid the obstacles if you want to be top of the flock.
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Duel of Fate 1.1.5

ScreenShot of Duel of Fate 1.1.5 by GAMEVIL Inc. The Power Lies in Your Hands Enter a realm where the fate of your friends and family lie within a deck of cards. Strategically select your cards as you face off against wizards and witches as you rise to avenge the deaths of loved ones! A successful battle requires quick decisive action as you decide which monster cards will overpower the opponents. Fire elements are defeated by water elements, which are in turn defeated by leaf elements. A mastery of this system will aid you in your quest towards victory! ───────────────────── FEATURES TACTICAL CARD COMBAT Make smart moves as your choose which monster card is best fit for the fight! GLOBAL MULTIPLAYER MODE Battle other gamers and their avatars from all over the world in Multiplayer Mode! ENDLESS...
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3D Paperball

ScreenShot of 3D Paperball by A Trillion Games Flick the paperball into the bin in a true 3d environment with credible 3d physics. Multiple shooting styles are supported! For example, use bounces against objects to redirect the ball into the basket and get extra paperballs. Or shake the phone to slam the ball into the basket (more bonus paperballs, and see what happens to the bin!). Compete instantly in the global leaderboard. Stunning 3d graphics and endless gameplay. Supported languages: English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español.
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Motion Ninja! 1.0

ScreenShot of Motion Ninja! 1.0 by Boolean Game A kinect liked fruit cut game. Check our video: or *** Support device with front camera, itouch4 & iphone4-5 etc & ipad2-3 *** - A game can train you as a real ninja or swordman. - Use any colored objects as your sword, wave to cut the fruits ---- it is really cool. - Turn your device to xbox+Kinect, just enjoy. - The newest high precision tracking algorithm is used to control the game. Sick and tired of swiping to cut fruits with fingers? This is an revolutionary camera-based game --- High accuracy motion game, just like kinect. Fruits are jumping all around, you as a real ninja, draw out your sword and cut all of them! Note: Bright colored objects and good light will make your game wonderful. If any...
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