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Cigarette Fighter 10

ScreenShot of Cigarette Fighter 10 by Gp Imports Stop smoking with this amazing game. The Perfect game if you are planning on stopping smoking. Need a fun app to relax and let all your stress out? Look no more! Feel the power at your fingertips! The more you slice the cigarette, the better! Depending on the size you can cut it into up to 8 pieces! But beware of the traps; you cannot slice the lighters or any other accessory! Be careful you don't let cigarettes drop without being sliced!... Extremely addictive! THREE different levels! ✓ Easy ✓ Medium ✓ Hard ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ If you need assistance please contact us ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ We will be adding additional apps...
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Vent Game 3: Slice photos 20121101

ScreenShot of Vent Game 3: Slice photos 20121101 by A&A's Dream Tired of how the shape of the cut are fixed earnest game The real world exclusive real-time calculus cutter algorithm, as long as the hand fast enough Items can be cut into hundreds of pieces of debris. Unique only on Android to play, no fruit brand. Need to consider the introduction of such pride. Not money, direct download to try it, Please do not fun to spit on the market, Fun, then, do not mean to give me encouragement (five stars). Mood is not right? Ordered to shoot fast - you evil people and things, Put your finger turned into a samurai sword, Photos can be few thousand knives Wan, as long as your hand fast enough, Crushed to make you hate the pictures. Photos will be placed on the tablet PC, mobile phone, the screen, magazines, and newspapers, funny title, and exquisite 3C products...
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Salam Eli 1.0.0

ScreenShot of Salam Eli 1.0.0 by Qarluq Media Tech Co.,ltd Salam Eli Eli is kind and honest farmer, a most suitable companion for you. When you feel boring let's make some joke with him. He is bit sleepy, please understand. Because he is so tired of being a farmer. If his too much yawn makes you bored you can also annoy him and make him angry. Annoy Eli in these kind of ways:
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Belly Jam 1.3

ScreenShot of Belly Jam 1.3 by Skunk-Brothers Admit it: You’ve always wanted to play on a nice and round belly! Don’t worry, Belly Jam is now available: Download it today for free(!) and start rocking this belly with 16 high quality slapping sounds on your Android. And if you want to really rock out, scroll over to the next screens and start drumming on the Ultimate Drum Kit Belly with 16 high quality sounds each! Features: ⇒ A nice, normal belly to slap on with 16 awesome slapping sounds ⇒ The epic drum kit belly let's you play the drums ⇒ Short button reaction time for fast slapping action ⇒ Slap on different areas at the same time --------- Make sure to leave a comment with ideas and wishes for future versions in your review! Visit our homepage: Follow us on Twitter...
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Happy Poo for 2 1.0

ScreenShot of Happy Poo for 2 1.0 by Retro Dreamer Even Happy Poo has friends, now we can all play with our cheerful friend together. Happy Poo always dreamed of being shiny, and you can make those dreams come true. Rub the screen as fast as you can to polish Happy Poo. With Happy Poo for 2, you and a friend can polish Happy Poo together, and race to see who can make Happy Poo happy first. Everyone loves Happy Poo.
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Fart Ninja 1.0

ScreenShot of Fart Ninja 1.0 by Best Top Free Fun Games To thank our players, Fart Ninja is FREE for a limited time! Download it NOW! Join MILLIONS OF SATISFIED FARTERS worldwide! Ever wanted to let out a big fart in a quiet library? Let 'em rip in Fart Ninja! The best #1 FART game! Pass gas, cut the cheese, break wind, and drop a stink bomb! Toot your horn, pull your finger, maybe even try a bit of turd whistling! Let your butt blasters, bean blowers, and butt burps fly! Blast your farts when people around you make noise! But be sure to time your farts just right or everyone will know who did it. Fire as many farts as you can before everyone knows it's you! This FARTASTICALLY AWESOME game has: - 10 different types of farts! - 9 awesome characters! - Sick fart animations! - Endless gameplay! - Fart by swiping and tapping! - High resolution graphics...
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Voice Race 2.5

ScreenShot of Voice Race 2.5 by Martin Alfaro Play Voice Race and have lots of fun using your voice to win every race. Voice Race is a fun game where the voice is the most important control to win a race. The speed is controlled based on the voice volume that the player uses: by getting it higher or lower. Gas is also a factor to win the race, the player must collect it to keep on playing, and also must avoid obstacles on its path. The game is free to use and download. You do not need any configuration.
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Makkhi 1.0

ScreenShot of Makkhi 1.0 by Kumakore Take part in the ultimate revenge story. Makkhi is the exciting companion game to the Bollywood movie of the same name. Makkhi is the Hindi version of the critically acclaimed Telugu film Eega by S.S. Rajamouli. Eega is the only Telugu film that has made it to the list of 18 films considered by the Film Federation of India for Oscar nominations in the “Best Foreign Language Film” category. Makkhi tells the story of a man named Nani who is murdered by Sudeep, a womanizing industrialist trying to steal Nani’s love. Nani is reborn as a fly, Makkhi, to torment his murderer. This is the ultimate revenge story. Now you can assume role of the hero, Makkhi, and torment evil Sudeep. In this game the shadows indicate where the swatters will be swatting. Avoid the swatters from hitting...
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Plumber Crack 1.33.1

ScreenShot of Plumber Crack 1.33.1 by Fluik From the creators of Office Jerk comes Plumber Crack! ☆ Pick your plumber: Norm or Betty! ☆ Choose from more than 15 items to throw in their butts! ☆ Collect coins and earn Bucks to buy costumes, tattoos and throw items! ☆ Complete collections over and over again to earn buckets stuffed with Bucks! ☆ Arcade, Sharpshooter and Time Challenge are now unlocked and ready to play! Throw stuff at the traditional Plumber Crack under the kitchen sink, or go for the second most popular crack sighting: the IT Technician under your office desk. Everybody's been there: you try to look away, but you can't stop staring! And now, more than ever, you just want to drop something in there and see what happens...whether it's an Ice Cube, Peanut, Quarter or Bouncy Ball (to name a few). Take it further...
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Office Zombie 1.1.01

ScreenShot of Office Zombie 1.1.01 by Fluik ☣ Throw the newest item: a Ninja Throwing Star! From the creators of Office Jerk comes the undead hit, Office Zombie: where a casually funny zombie apocalypse meets the 9 to 5 office grind. Throw tons of objects that will ruin even the toughest Zombie's day! ☣ Ninja Throwing Star (NEW ITEM) ☣ Eyeball Collection Jar ☣ Heavy Duty Brick ☣ Classic Hits LP ☣ Shiny Red Stapler ☣ Nasty Pop Can ☣ Mean Old Piranha ☣ Rusty Saw Blade ☣ Prickly Potted Cactus ☣ Dad's Trusty Hammer ☣ Handy Bear Trap ☣ ACME-Grade Grenade ☣ Shiny Hatchet ☣ Witches Cauldron Brew ☣ Cuddly Teddy Bear ☣ Slimy Undead Squid ☣ Cackling Jack-O-Lantern OR Aim for the Anvil and see if the Zombie can catch! Use your makeshift arsenal to torment the Zombie, just like old times! Grab whatever you have...
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