SecureBlackbox VCL 14: Add SSL, SSH, PKI, SFTP, PGP, PDF, XML, ZIP, EDI security to VCL applications

SecureBlackbox VCL 14

SecureBlackbox is a comprehensive component collection that adds SFTP, FTPS, SSH, PGP, PDF, XML security, S/MIME, SSL/TLS, HTTPS, PKI, ZIP, EDI, Cloud, WebDAV, SAML, Office security support to your VCL application written in Delphi, C++Builder or FreePascal. SecureBlackbox goal is to provide technology for the wide range of applications, hiding details of low-level protocols and algorithms, used by the parties during secure communications.

xades, https, certificate, library, digital signing, pascal, ftps, freepascal, webdav, studio, xmldsig, ldap, encryption

2D Barcode FMX Components A set of FireMonkey components designed for generating 2D barcode symbols.

2D Barcode FMX Components

The 2D Barcode FMX components is a set of FireMonkey components designed for generating and printing 2D barcode symbols in your Delphi or C++ Builder application. Most popular matrix and stacked barcode symbologies are supported. The database functionality is supported. All of the Mac OS X, 32- and 64-bit iOS, Android, 32- and 64-bit Windows platforms are supported. Supports RAD Studio XE2, XE3, XE4, XE5, XE6, XE7, and XE8.

micro qr code, stacked barcode, pdf417, rss 14, firemonkey, aztec code, maxicode, matrix barcode, rss limited, qr code, micropdf417, code 16k, rss expanded

2D Barcode VCL Components Generate most popular matrix and stacked 2D barcode symbologies.

2D Barcode VCL Components

The 2D Barcode VCL components is a set of components designed for generating and printing 2D barcode in your Delphi or C++Builder application. Most popular matrix, stacked 2D barcode symbologies and EAN.UCC composite symbologies are supported. The database functionality is supported. Most popular reports are supported too. All modern Delphi and C++Builder are supported, from Delphi 4 to Delphi XE8, and from C++Builder 4 to C++Builder XE8.

composite, micro qr code, stacked barcode, aztec runes, two dimensional barcode, rss 14, 2d barcode, maxicode, matrix barcode, rss limited, data matrix, barcode, pdf417

TVideoGrabber Delphi Video SDK video capture,media player, video editor SDK. Quick and easy development.

TVideoGrabber Delphi Video SDK

TVideoGrabber is a video capture,media player and video editor SDK that captures video sources like HD webcams, HD camcorders, USB webcams, IP cameras, composite cards, PointGrey cameras, BlackMagic Decklink, Logitech C920... It includes frame capture, AVI/WMV/MKV//WAV/MP4/MP3/WebM recording, audio/video compression, video streaming, motion detection, graphic/text overlays, video PIP from a 2nd component, rotation, videos from bitmaps, playlist.

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Code Line Counter Pro - Delphi Version 6.4: an easy-to-use application for counting source code, blanks and comments lines.

Code Line Counter Pro - Delphi Version 6.4

Code Line Counter Pro - Delphi Version is an easy-to-use software to count lines of code (SLOC, LOC) in source for Project Managers, Programmers and other customers who need an overview of a project source code. Able to count Delphi/Pascal language. Includes total counts and percentages for comments, blanks and source lines. Support subfolders and multi-types count. All reports can be exported to a variety of formats: Excel, plain text and HTML.

object pascal, delphi code line counter, source code line, code line counter, delphi

CodeHealer 2.8.1: A program source code analysis and verification tool for Delphi.

CodeHealer 2.8.1

CodeHealer is an efficient, powerful and easy to use program source code analysis and verification tool that will help find and fix a significant number of programming bugs, mistakes and inconsistencies in programs before they are released. The information provided by CodeHealer will also help developers understand and improve existing code that they have not written, such as legacy applications that they have to maintain.

source, windows, review, analyse, pascal, program, open subfolder, check, freeware, verify, shell, metrics, code

XMLBlackbox VCL 10.0: Add support for XML security to your Delphi or C++Builder applications

XMLBlackbox VCL 10.0

XMLBlackbox VCL is a comprehensive collection of native components that help you encrypt and sign XML documents from your Delphi or C++Builder applications. Both symmetric, certificate-based (X.509) and PGP key encryption and signing is supported. XMLBlackbox VCL can encrypt and sign XML documents, individual XML nodes or any generic data. VCL edition can be used with Delphi 2005-2010, Delphi 4-7, C++Builder 2007-2010, FreePascal 2.4 and later.

encrypt, signing, certificate, x 509, encryption, component, verification, verify, decryption, security, delphi, control, sign

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