Liva Notes Digital stickers with nice design

Liva Notes

Liva Notes is desktop stickers. It allows you to write down your notes quickly and easily, allows to place your stcikers on the desktop in expanded or constricted states, have nice design (there is 12 exclusive themes for you!) and safe notes storage. Every stickers can be pinned firmly to the desktop and remain visible even if all windows has been minimized. You can also create backup copies and transfer your stcikers via backup mechanism.

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Adolix Wallpaper Changer 2.2: Free wallpaper changer to change background on your desktop.

Adolix Wallpaper Changer 2.2

Adolix Wallpaper Changer is a free wallpaper changer and randomizer that will allow you to change background on your desktop. You can make a play list with your favorite pictures and play it all day long. Various file formats are supported and many, many options are available.

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DeskSave 8.2.1

With DeskSave the desktop icon layout can be saved in order to restore it in case it gets mixed up e.g. by changing screen resolution. Thus it is useful e.g. for developers who want to test their applications in different screen resolutions and do not want their desktop icons to be disarranged. Icon layouts can be restored automatically when screen resolution changes.

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Locusto Aukcije Widget 1.0: Dashboard Widget for Locusto Aukcije allows you to keep track of new auctions

Locusto Aukcije Widget 1.0

Locusto Aukcije Dashboard Widget displays most recent and ending soon auctions on croatian auction site Locusto Aukcije. Number of auctions and the amount of details are completely configurable.

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Aximion 2.0: 3D Shell and Desktop for Windows

Aximion 2.0

Aximion transformates Windows desktop and shell into 3d environment. 3d shell integrates windows and desktop objects into itself and allows to manage its representations. User can select required windows by activating them, at the same time unselected windows are still accessible by thier repressentation in the 3d world.

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Speed Test Gadget 1.0.20: Speed Test is a meter that monitors your system Mearuring CPU and RAM by itself

Speed Test Gadget 1.0.20

With Speed Test you can monitor CPU (over 8 cores) and RAM usage by itself and it has the ability to test so much more. A graph interface, allowing you to see results over time. Speed Test also has cross-hairs that allow you to put your cursor over the line you are inquiring about and detailed information is shown with the time and value of that point on the graph. 19 Skins and 73 Backgrounds. Very easy and intuitive interface.

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