Email Extractor Files 5.0.6: An email extractor software for documents. It can extract emails from files.

Email Extractor Files 5.0.6

The Email Extractor Files is an efficient email extractor software. It can extract emails from files and folders. It can extract email addresses from different files like Doc, xls, html, Pdf, etc. The software can also be used to extract email from excel. The email extractor removes the duplicate email addresses and provides only those defined by the search criteria. The tool is extremely fast and filters out the unwanted addresses.

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Email Extractor Files 5.1.4: Extracts emails from PDF, DOCx, XLSx, PDF, RTF, PPTx, XML, etc all Other files.

Email Extractor Files 5.1.4

Email Extractor Files extracts email addresses from document files such as DOC, DOCX, DOT, XLS, XLSX, PDF, TXT, RTF, PPT, PPTX & all Other files.It extracts only email addresses from files, those you need by defining the search criteria & automatically remove duplicate email addresses.It is fastest tool for extract email addresses from all supported files.

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IVM Telefon Management 4.23

IVM is a telephone answering machine, voice mail, phone attendant and interactive voice response (ivr) program for Windows computers with voice modems or professional telephony line devices.Just run the install file and IVM will be ready to answer calls. But you can also create a sophisticated telephone interactive response system. You will find many exciting ways to use IVM to provide information, serve your customers and save time.

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Email Excavator Email Excavator is an awards winning software to collect targeted email addresse

Email Excavator

Email Excavator is an awards winning software to collect targeted email addresses from Internet. With this easy-to-use and powerful email collecting software, you can find your new customers easily! It supports to extract emails from the search engines using keywords and It also supports to extract emails from a website/domain e.g twitter,facebook.

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YL Mail Verifier 2.73: Powerful and reliable utility to verify and clean up your mailing list

YL Mail Verifier 2.73

YL Mail Verifier is a powerful and easy-to-use solution for the "email message delivery error". with this Mail Verifier, you can easily check every email address from a mailing list and determine if the email addresses are still valid. it does three levels of verification: Syntax, DNS and SMTP. it is the fastest e-mail verifier in the market today.

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Email Double Encrypter 1.6: Makes your email text unreable for privacy and security.

Email Double Encrypter 1.6

Your emails can easily be intercepted and read by anyone if you don`t take precautions. Email Double Encrypter gives your emails new advanced security to keep your emails from being read by everyone. This proram goes an extra step by changing the text twice in your emails and adds password protection.

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Clip Reader 2.9.8: 4 programs in 1 reads text aloud, mp3 to wav converter,appointment reminder, e-b

Clip Reader 2.9.8

4 in 1 program speaks texts aloud, converts wav to mp3, is an appointmentment reminder that reminds you by voice and automaic emailing, and is an E-book reader that lets you pick which pages to read aloud and can book mark the last page read. Choose from different voice styles, male or female voice. Just highlight and copy text from any web page or document to hear it instantly, Great for reading emails news ebooks.

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