Asset Track Asset Tracking Software 6.6: Manage and track assets and inventory.

Asset Track Asset Tracking Software 6.6

Easily track all assets in your facilities with Asset Track. Record supplier and user information. Know where the asset is located. Scan manufacturer barcodes or produce barcode labels directly from Asset Track.

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etichettexp 4.4: Etichette XP programma per creazione e stampa etichette da scaricare subito

etichettexp 4.4

Programma per la stampa di etichette che prevede: (1) Possibilita` di definire il formato delle etichette desiderato indicando numero di etichette orizzontali, numero di etichette verticali, margini e spaziatura (2) Possibilita` di centrare la stampa delle etichette modificando l`origine della stampa (3) Possibilita` di inserire e manipolare vari oggetti in modo grafico.

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MaterialNet 9.08: material inventory management software for purchaser

MaterialNet 9.08

It is specifically designed for raw material distribution in manufacturer`s warehouse to workshop. It maintains raw material, parts, accessories and trims purchasing, inventory and dispatch to workshop. Manufacturer use it to keep track of their purchasing, inventory, consumption and cost comparison......

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WholesaleNet Freeware: software for wholesaler sales & merchandising

WholesaleNet Freeware

WholesaleNet is designed for wholesaler handling purchase, sales and distribution of merchandise. For end products, finish goods and merchandise purchasing, inventory and sales to customer. Wholesaler use it to keep track of their purchasing, inventory, selling and cost comparison......

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Cafe Server Cafe Server - Timer and billing software for internet cafes, gaming clubs

Cafe Server

Cafe Server - Timer and billing software for internet cafes, computer gaming clubs, hotels, hostels, libraries, schools, internet points, info centres, ...

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Tool and Asset Manager 2.0.5560: Check in/out tools and assets to personnel. Keep track of overdue assets.

Tool and Asset Manager 2.0.5560

Tool & Asset Manager will help you to keep track of your tool and asset inventory. Check in/out your assets to personnel and always know who to call to get an asset back. Get notified when an asset is overdue. Create reservations so you won`t check out an asset accidentally when it should be kept in store for someone else. Easily create and print barcode labels for your assets, personnel, replacement parts and inventory locations.

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labelxp 3.0: Very power software for draw and print labels ready to download immediatly

labelxp 3.0

Very power software for draw label that allow you: (1) Possibility of defining the wished label format, margins and spacing between labels, possibility of defining number of horizontal labels and number of vertical labels (2) Possibility of hitting the centre of the label print modifying the offset of the print (3) Possibility of inserting and manipulating several objects using graphic interface, including barcode, free text fields, text fields.

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