Doxillion Plus Edition 2.48: Doxillion Plus Edition is a professional and easy to use document converter.

Doxillion Plus Edition 2.48

Doxillion Plus Edition can convert many different text document formats. Doxillion Plus Edition features a batch convert option to convert thousands of text documents at once. Doxillion Plus Edition also includes a right-click menu to easily convert documents outside the program. Drag and drop makes converting your files simple and fun.

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Doxillion Document Converter Free 2.48: Doxillion Free Converter easily converts pdf, docx, doc, and more text formats.

Doxillion Document Converter Free 2.48

Doxillion Free Document Converter Software is a quick and easy one-click document converting program. Use Doxillion Free Document Converter`s batch file converter to convert several documents at once. Doxillion Free Document Converter Software features a handy drag and drop function to make converting documents simple. Doxillion Free is designed to be easy to use and extremely intuitive.

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Data Curve Fit Creator Add-in 2.62: Adds data curve fitting, interpolation and filtering functions to Excel

Data Curve Fit Creator Add-in 2.62

Data Curve Fit Creator Add-in is an easy-to-use data analysis add-in for Microsoft Excel. It adds curve fitting, interpolation, and data smoothing functions to Excel. Curve fitting functions include polynomial and versatile local regressions. Interpolations include linear, cubic spline, bessel and monotonic splines, and a `flexible` spline. Data smoothing functions include moving average, median filter, and Gaussian smoothing.

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Eye4Software Coordinate Calculator Eye4Software Coordinate Calculator is a tool to convert GPS or map coordinates

Eye4Software Coordinate Calculator

The Eye4Software Coordinate Calculator is an easy to use tool to perform map or GPS coordinate conversions. The software can be used to transform a single coordinate, or a batch of coordinates read from a comma separated,database or ESRI shapefiles. Supported map projections include: Transverse Mercator, Oblique Mercator, Mercator, Oblique Stereographic, Polar Stereographic, Albers Equal Area Conic, Krovak, Lambert Conformal Conic and more.

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CONVERT 6.02: The freeware CONVERT from Killetsoft converts dBase, CSV and SDF data bases.


The freeware program CONVERT from KilletSoft converts databases and files between the dBase, CSV and SDF data formats and the character sets ANSI, ASCII, UTF8 and Unicode. Thus the import of the data in any data base management system or file system will be possible. A special feature of the program is the possibility to process CSV and SDF files that are larger then 4,3 gigabytes.

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PG Calculator (Second Edition) 2.2: Multifunction scientific skinable Algebraic/RPN calculator for Windows

PG Calculator (Second Edition) 2.2

PG Calculator is a powerful scientific skinable calculator and an excellent replacement for standard calculator. It ofers full customizable user inteface and looks like real calculator on user desktop. PG Calculator works in Algebraic and RPN modes. It works with real and complex numbers, units of measure, allows vectors manipulations. Up to 120 units of measure, built-in unit converter. Time Value of Money Solver, commonly used constatants.

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Container Loading Calculator 1.85: Easy to use container load planing software - Container Loading Calculator.

Container Loading Calculator 1.85

Container Loading Calculator is smart, easy to use load planning software. Insert list of items or import from Ms Excel file. Support US(Imperial) units. Choose predifined or define your own container. Calculation is done within one minute. Create multiple container loadplan report. Real interactive 3D visualisation provides "look inside" load plan. See video: Experience FREE fully functional trail for 10 days!

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